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My name is Clara Aguilar, aka Clarita, creator of the Bloom Where You Are Planted (BWYAP)  blog . As a creator, I am like a flower with many petals to unfold, many stories to share. Sharing my story and listening to others nourishes my soul, helping me heal, as I hope it helps you too.  


To share my story about the struggles of pregnancy loss, how I cope and keep hope alive in my heart. I aspire to use my writing as an outlet to speak volumes to women/parents who are in my shoes. I hope my words and experiences  are inspiring, therapeutic, and most of all healing. I want you to know that you, are not alone. I understand because I have been there too.


On March 6th, 2018 my husband and I became SOFILESS. This is the day my 5-month old daughter named Sofia passed away after birth. I called the experience being SOFILESS. Although at times my sadness only let me feel loss, eventually I could see what I had also gained. I gained perseverance, increased hope and faith that this was part of my journey and the knowing that I would become of a mother someday. I prayed. I prayed a lot. By praying, I found this part of me. By praying, I was given the idea, an idea that turned into a plan and a plan that turned into the start of the Bloom Where You Are Planted blog.


Bloom Where You Are Planted  was written on a canvas I found in an art store. These words lifted my spirits during a time of great grief, as you read above. Honestly, I didn't understand the phrase completely when I read it but something told me I needed to buy this canvas, so I did. I believe it was God speaking to me, guiding me to what I would need in this new chapter in my life. While I prayed, I was given the idea to start a blog and the name that came to mind was BWYAP, which was just perfect.


I like to think of my struggle with pregnancy as part of my journey to learning things about myself and life. My posts will reflect this reality, infused with positivity, and energy to persevere. I will share about personal experiences with pregnancy challenges, crazy lifestyle choices, coping, funny experiences, praying and anything that brings a smile to your face. Join me on life’s journey, lets share and learn from each other so together we can bloom.


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