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10 Special Christmas Gifts for Men and Women Who Experienced a Miscarriage or Pregnancy Loss

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Mood & Music - Grab your favorite hot coffee, tea or cocoa. If you made hot cocoa, make sure you added extra marshmallows today. Turn on the mellow tunes of Spotify’s Reggae Christmas Music playlist, you’re in for a sweet treat with this read.

Tis’ the season for gift giving and YES! its okay to give yourself, an aunt, uncle, sister, brother or close friend a special gift to memorialize their angel baby. As a mother, I had a difficult time talking about my miscarriage and pregnancy loss for a long time but searched many websites looking for the perfect necklace or keepsake that would help keep the memories of my baby close. I was pleasantly surprised to find such thoughtful gifts, especially on Etsy.com from jewelry designers to artist. Many shop owners personally sharing their stories of miscarriage, pregnancy loss, stillbirth or infant loss behind their handmade designs. It was very comforting and inspiring to read others stories, which made the items that much more special (big smile). Oh and let’s remember all the Daddy’s too, who often want something to hold on to as well. I found 10 perfect gifts for men and women which can make gifting this holiday season super easy for you.

1. Jesus Christ Carrying Miscarriage or Infant Loss Baby - $12

Etsy Store & Owner: LittleOakStudios - Bethany Turley

About Jesus Christ Carrying Baby Watercolor Painting: This watercolor painting illustrates the comfort of knowing your baby is being cared for by Jesus Christ. This print can be purchased as is or customized with your choice of baby color, hair, name and dates. This gift is perfect way for parents to memorialize a miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss so beautifully at home.

2. Father Bracelet - featuring a silver lion - $20

Etsy Store & Owner: RebirthStudio - Lyndsey Marie

Her Story: Lyndsey Marie, shares her story about Johannah Faith, her stillbirth at 41 weeks. All her jewelry designs are aimed at celebrating the life of all angel babies. Lyndsey is also the official partner of the movie “Don’t Talk About the Baby”, a documentary that encourages awareness around the shame and guilt regarding miscarriages in our culture.

About Father Bracelet: This Father Bracelet, tells the Greek story of how the lion was considered a guardian, protector and relentless fighter in life’s toughest moments. This gift is perfect for that father, as a keepsake and constant reminder he is a strong support for his family.

3. Dad Memorial Keychain - Rustic - $30

Etsy Store & Owner: LuckyHornDesigns - Tara Russo

Dad Memorial Keychain: features a large vintage brass dog tag that can be customized with a special quote or dates. This is an excellent way to honor the memory of all angel babies, especially for that man that likes a little more discretion. Free Shipping (in U.S) or order $50+. I ordered one for my hubby the other day, with dates of our 2 miscarriages and infant loss, with angel wings. Can’t wait for it to arrive.

4. Memorial Bloom Stone - $30

Etsy Store & Owner: BlessingandLight - Jacinta

About Memorial Bloom Stone: This baby remembrance stone can be kept inside or outdoors and comes in custom colors. I think it's a great gift for anyone who has a memorial garden or kept as a keepsake inside in the home. You can also customize the rustic stone with dates and messages.

5. Miscarriage Gift Necklace - with 2 circles - gold/silver - $34.99

Etsy Store & Owner: DearAvaJewelry

About Miscarriage Gift Necklace: As soon as I saw the necklace, I had an instant connection, the simplicity is so elegant. The two connected rings are a great way to represent the bond of mother and baby. This necklace makes a perfect gift for your sister, auntie or bestie to memorialize their angel baby.

6. Memorial Feather Wind Chime for Garden - $49.99+

Etsy Store & Owner: OleintheWind - Rachel Fitzgerald

About Memorial Feather Wind Chime: I think this gift is especially thoughtful for anyone who is into gardening or enjoys spending time outdoors. The sounds of the chime are a sweet reminder that our loved ones who are gone, especially are angel babies are with us always. Even the “Listen to the wind and know I am near” inscriptions inspires peace and relaxation in their memories.

7. Daddy of a Baby Angel Sculpture - $55

Etsy Store & Owner: The Midnight Orange - Dana Pecoraro

Her Story: Dana’s artwork is as she calls it “her calling” to help memorialize the families who grieve their loved ones, including baby angels. She hopes to inspire life and tell a story of the human experience through her pieces. Her sculptures are truly breathtaking.

Daddy of a Baby Angel Sculpture: This sculpture truly captures the special bond of a dad with their baby angel. This tender keepsake is the perfect way to keep the memory of your baby close to display at home, office, or study. Dana’s collection includes different styles of sculptures, which includes bonds between mothers, families, or multiple baby angels.

8. Swarovski Tree Remembrance - $52.83

Etsy Store & Owner: AbssOluto - Angeliki

About Swarovski Tree Remembrance: This handmade wire tree comes in gold, silver or bronze with hanging crystal hearts. This gift is perfect to memorialize one or multiple baby angels in a way that is simply beautiful and discreet. The turquoise gems also provide and additional benefit of cleansing the body, mind and spirit. Great keepsake for the home or office.

9. Hand Painted Ultrasound of Baby - Stillborn Memorial Gift - $67+

Etsy Store & Owner: WhimsicalWombStudio - Chelsea Shulga

Hand Painted Ultrasound of Baby: This hand painted ultrasound is just “magical” as described by artist Chelsea. The happy watercolours and metallic acrylic paints makes these beauties shine, truly capturing the miracles of little babies. This gift is perfect memorial gift for the parents of a stillborn, miscarriage or rainbow baby.

10. Personalized Leather Guitar Strap - $109

Etsy Store & Owner: Custom Leather Gifts - Caitlin Sullivan

About Personalized Guitar Strap: This leather, antique black, guitar strap is perfect for that musician in your life. This unique gift can be customized to include angel baby name(s), dates, or your story, up to 1100 characters.

I hope this list helps you select the perfect gift for your loved one this holiday season. I realize even giving a gift under these circumstances can be difficult for not only the person receiving but also giving. It’s okay, just the thought of remembering that special angel baby or babies is such a loving gesture. No matter what gift you choose for yourself or to give to someone, it will be exactly what is needed to memorialize each heavenly angel baby (ies). Happy Holidays!

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