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10 Things NOT to do When Prepping for Thanksgiving

It’s gobble, gobble time ya’ll, get ready to stuff, whip, and fry everything. Oh baby! As, you are making your lists to prep those pantries, and checking off the to-dos, I want to share my nuggets of wisdom to get through Thanksgiving dinner flawlessly. This year, I decided to make a list of 10 things NOT to do when prepping for your Thanksgiving dinner, that includes everything from forgetting to plan your outfit to making too much food that could really feed a small country. (Hehe) I hope my pointers below can help you host the best holiday feast ever. Starting from the top...

10. Don’t Look a Hot Mess on Thanksgiving - As a host, plan an outfit and hairstyle that’s quick and easy. You maybe cooking the entire meal so being practical about fashion is key, unless your having a pajama Thanksgiving, which is FREAKIN’ awesome. But if your like me, Pinterest it girl! Can’t be looking a hot mess at your party, nonononono (shaking head back and forth).

9. Don’t Forget the Big Thaw - The host and hostess have a never ending list of to-dos as they get ready for this holiday season but forgetting to defrost the turkey, is like forgetting the cake at a birthday party (like, where’s my cake?), it's the whole point. Add a reminder to your iPhone, ask Alexa, write it down in your kitchen chalkboard, tell your mom to remind you, do anything, just don’t forget. Unless, you decided not to have turkey, remember to defrost whatever your having. Unless, your vegetarian or vegan, then skip to #8.

8. Don’t Forget to Stock Up on Antacids - According to statista.com, Thanksgiving dinner usually includes, roasted turkey, mash potatoes with gray, sweet mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, vegetables, sweet corn, bread rolls with butter and pumpkin pie with whipped cream as dessert. Yes, I said that in one breath, Pheww..If your family is big and Salvadorean like mine, we usually have a least 3 more desserts and 3 extra sides. Need I say more? Stock up on Tums, Pepcid and Alka Seltzer ASAP! Go right now, just go.

7. Don’t Forget to Prep for a Sleepover - After eating everything I just mentioned above plus drinking like the world will end tomorrow because no one works the next day, YAY! Some guests may decide to sleepover unexpectedly. Make sure to have an extra air mattress or fix the old one you have with a hole (see $2 hack here, https://youtu.be/D83P7fa-GS0), extra blankets, water bottles incase your guests get thirsty at night, and extra toothbrushes are a must.

6. Don’t Do Everything Yourself - Ask friends and family to help decorate or have a potluck for Thanksgiving. This way you share the load and many times it’s easier for everyone to make something then come together and feast. For those of you who don’t know, that’s what I’m doing this year!

5. Don’t Make Too Much Food - make enough food to feed your family but not so much that you could feed a small country. Buy extra food containers from the dollar store and have guests take home leftovers, so your not eating Thanksgiving meal for a week straight, wondering why the new jeans you bought on Black Friday don’t fit? #firstworldproblems. Has this happen to you? Maybe? Moving on. Sharing is caring and limits waste.

4. Don’t Forget about Vegetarians/Vegans - A host’s dinner should always be all inclusive. If you have Vegetarians/Vegans coming over, ask them for recipe ideas or look one up on Pinterest. No one should be stuck only eating salad on Thanksgiving.

3. Don’t Forget to Have a Backup Appetizer - If you plan a potluck with family and friends, when you assign an appetizer to that favorite aunt who makes the bangin’ taco dip but is usually always late to the party, make sure to have an easy backup. This way your guests are not waiting like ugh 😑 where are the apps? I’m #hangry. Buy chips and salsa, Doritos, Taquis, something quick to hold everyone over while auntie arrives with the bangin’ dip.

2. Don’t Forget to Plan for Breakfast the Next Day - Like a good host, we must prepare for everything, that includes the next meal. Make sure to have eggs, fully cooked bacon, bagels/bread, or pre-cut fruit, maybe put out leftover dessert to make breakfast quick and easy.

1. Don’t Forget to be Thankful - I believe it’s important that everyone be thankful for something, especially on Thanksgiving. This does not mean only sharing what you're grateful for on your Instagram story or Facebook update. It's important to share and be present with your family, this is the whole point of the holiday. Create an activity like having people write what they are thankful for, putting it in a hat, going around and have everyone pick out a paper randomly and read it out loud. You maybe in for some laughs.

Thanks for reading my list of 10 things NOT to do when prepping for Thanksgiving. If you have any additional tips, please comment below. I would love to hear from you. Have a great holiday!

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Source: How to Fix a Leaky Air Mattress for $2 by @GettinJunkDone

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