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5 Bible Verses That Help Heal a Broken Heart from Pregnancy or Infant Loss

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

It was around this time last year that at around 19 weeks pregnant, my Sofia became an angel and we (hubby and I) became #angelparents for the 3rd time. Easter seemed like a blur because I can’t seem to remember what I did last year. At the time, I think it’s because my hope in God was dwindling. Grief can have this effect. I wasn’t ready to celebrate God because I was angry. How could the same God I trusted, let my baby die. What had I done that was so terrible to deserve this fate? The answer is nothing and I don’t know why this tragedy happened to me, to us. I knew my doubt came from the anger and sorrow I felt but I couldn’t stay angry with a God I love. Just like I couldn’t stay angry with my mother or father because I love them too.

In the midst of my turmoil, I decided in my heart to speak with God (which I did in prayer) and continue to trust in him anyways. The same way I trusted I would get up in the morning or take my next breath, I put my life in his hands. I decided to trust him in not only in the good times but the bad times too.

Today, I am writing this article to share a few bible verses that really inspired and consoled me, when I read them in mourning of my baby girl. I know holding his words close to your heart will help you cope and heal from your baby loss too. Jesus’s words will remind you, no matter how bad life can get, he is our hope and cares for us on our journey.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your understanding” - PROV 3:5

As humans, we all try to understand events logically. We try to find a cause and effect. But there are something, many things that are out of our control and will never know why things happen the way they do. Pregnancy loss is one of these things. If we put our trust in God, truly trust in him then as believers we know whatever happens in our life, it is all in our favor. As a distraught mother who loss her baby girl, this was very difficult to accept. Then almost a year later, I took a bird's eye view of my life’s transformation. I started counting all my blessings during and since my pregnancy loss. I could see how God had helped us through our grief and made us (hubby and I ) bloom.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life” - JOHN 3:16

This verse clearly states how God has been through a child loss, he understands your pain like no one else can. Jesus, God’s son, was sacrificed on the cross, not for his sins but the sins of others. He did nothing wrong and was persecuted. Ponder this for a moment. God knew his son would be killed and sacrificed him anyways because he loved us. Let these words comfort you, God knows what you are going through. Pray daily, at any time of the day and ask him to help you get through your feelings of sorrow, anxiousness or depression. If you believe in Mother Mary, Jesus’s mother she too suffered a child loss. She understands your suffering as a mother. Pray and ask her to console your heart and surround you with her loving heart. It comforted me to know the God I believe in, knows my pain and is always standing by my side to help me through this time in my life.

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” - PHIL 4:13

God will give you the strength you need to heal from this crushing pain of pregnancy loss/infant loss. Even if you don’t believe it and angry, hold on to his words. God will never leave you, he knows you can carry this burden and is by your side always. When you are in despair, pray. When you don’t believe, pray. When your hope is weakened, pray. Pray, pray, pray as Jesus did the day before he was crucified. In the midst of your pain, pray. God is listening to you, ask him for strength, for joy, for air, when you feel you are drowning. He will carry you, when you can no longer go on. Trust you will never be forsaken or abandoned.

“Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen: it gives us assurance about things we cannot see” - HEB 11:1

During a pregnancy loss, it is very easy to lose hope or faith in God because your world is turned upside down and putting back the pieces of your life seems unbearable. The suffering that comes with an infant loss is so difficult to comprehend, emotionally and physically. I remember crying in the shower once and begging God to help me because I didn’t know how I was going to manage the pain of my baby loss. I held onto my faith. I ask that “you” who doubt, hold onto your faith anyways. Faith in God is what will get you through this tribulation, only he can help mend your broken heart.

“With God everything is possible” - MATT 19:26

This verse ties into verse #4 , having faith you will get through the pain of this #pregnancy loss and keeping your hope for future #rainbowbabies. But you must believe God makes the impossible possible. Keep praying daily and know in your heart, your future children are coming. It’s okay if some days this is harder to believe than others, just open a bible and read this verse to remind yourself, with God everything is possible.

Remember, trust in the Lord plans for your life, know that he too experienced child loss and understands your pain. Pray to God, he will give you strength and help you hold onto your faith in life. Trust that with God by your side, everything is possible. Share these bible verses with family and friends so together you can heal. The bible states “...pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of the righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results” (JAMES 5:16). Not sure what to pray? Check out my online Prayer Box, lets pray for angel parents, mothers, fathers, everyone who must go through a pregnancy loss and be an earth angel for someone else.

Comment below with your favorite bible verses that helped you through the pain of a pregnancy or infant loss. I would love to read.

Shine Brightly,


*I used the New Living Translation (NLT) bible.

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