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7 Ways to Find Joy and Happiness in the Little Moments

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In life, I find that many people tend to hit cruise control and take many precious moments in their daily lives for granted. We hear people say, “Life is too short” or #YOLO but do we really take the time to enjoy even the simple moments in our day to day. I believe no matter what cards life has dealt you can find joy in everyday moments.

I really experienced this daily joy when I was pregnant with Sofia. I enjoyed the daily carb fest, buying pregnancy clothes, and my hubby rubbing my belly while lying in bed, knowing she was on the way. Now that she is an angel in heaven, I realized I need to live my life cherishing moments every day like I did when I had my baby. We never know when things may change and we may not have the opportunity to enjoy in that moment the same way again. The picture below is one of my most treasured little moments during my gender reveal party, when my hubby and I found out it was a girl.

Below, I have listed a few things I do that add moments of joy and happiness to my life to cherish and you should too:

Sharing a Kiss – Sharing a passionate kiss with my hubby, especially when he comes home from work is my favorite moment. I linger just a little longer, letting him know his kiss is all I need in the world at the moment. Everyone Awwwwww….:)

Relax and Take a Sip – Grabbing a glass of red cab, Blue Moon, or Cafe Listo coffee to enjoy while I binge episodes of Power on Amazon Prime is #thebest.

A Bouquet for Me – Buying my favorite flowers, smelling their fragrance and enjoying their beauty in my home. I love buying red roses, gerbera daisies or sunflowers for myself weekly, it brightens up my living space and gives me a sense of peace and tranquility. Deep breath – Ahhhh…

Fitness I Enjoy – Choosing a few exercises I enjoy and practicing weekly. It’s all about Yoga (absolutely love Yoga with Adrienne, check out her YouTube channel.), Zumba, and walking for me. I believe everyone needs a little cat/cow position in their life.

Do Something Unexpected – Paying for someone’s coffee at Dunkin Donuts, letting someone with one item skip you at the supermarket, or tipping a waiter extra because he/she went above and beyond. Adds a little extra magic to my day which makes me smile.

Sitting By a Tree – I love trees, especially sitting up right next to one with a good book to read. There something about being outside and feeling supported by these tall giants. Try it!

Counting My Blessings – Being grateful for the life I live. This year, I felt so blessed when my hubby turned 34 in our new home. As he blew out his birthday candles, I took a couple of seconds to thank God for the husband he gave me and the home we can now celebrate birthdays to come. I couldn’t feel more grateful #happy.

Whatever it is you enjoy doing, just be in the moment. Whether it's sitting down to have coffee with a friend, admiring the fresh cut flowers you bought yourself, or stretching into your favorite yoga position. Take at least 5 minutes to look around and be grateful for all those little moments that make up the life you enjoy.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below! Let me know if you tried any of the suggestions above or share anything else you do on the daily basis that brings you happiness in the little moments.

Shine Brightly,


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