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A Halloween Feast

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

About A Halloween Feast

This year, I wanted to get a little creative with my Halloween post, so I wrote a fictional story of Halloween night at my home.  I suggest watching the trailer above and seeing if you can spot some of the details I describe in the story below. FYI, I did embellish some parts to make for a more entertaining story which I hope you enjoy. To set the scene:

Characters: Host Rafa and Hostess Clara, Treat or Treaters

Place: Halloween Castle (a.k.a Clara and Rafa’s Casita)

Main Event: Feast, Dance, Candy, and More Candy  (in no particular order)

Mood & Music: Hello my pretties, turn down the lights and be very, very quiet as you read, so all you hear is the eerie sounds of Spotify’s Creepy Halloween Music playlist.

Story: A Halloween Feast

This story takes place on October 31st, Halloween night. On this night, all boney, spooky, cheery, cutesy creatures are welcomed at the Halloween Castle. The host Rafa and hostess Clara are always dyingggg to meet their guests. “Come in” they said smiling creepily from ear to ear. As you enter, a sneaky black cat stares at you with its hypnotic eyes, sitting on a “trick or treat” headstone surrounded by peering orange pumpkins. “Please come a little closer”, the cat whispers or maybe that was your imagination. A final warning sign reads, “home sweet HAUNTED home”,  cautioning all who dare enter for a sugary treat.

Flying, black winged bats escort arriving guests to the dance floor to enjoy the bewitching sounds of Thriller and the Monster Mash. As the music gets louder and louder you feel the chill down your spin,  your blood pumping and bones shaking. “Happy Halloween, my lovely gouhls! Let’s Boogie, Woogie”, said the hostess.

“It’s almost time, time to feast”, said the host, enticingly. As the smell of the crispy crackly wings smothered in fiery hot sauce or mouthwatering honey gooeyness are ready to be served. But not just yet, the monster mini sliders, tease the guests with their chchchchees-y and ketchup-y delights. Where are my frightful frenchy fries? Oh yes, their they are. Everyone ready to feast? Asks the hostess. A screeching YESSSSS!

Feast my pretties, mouhahahaha!, said the host and hostess smiling creepily from ear to ear.

Happy Halloween!

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