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Hola! I'm Clarita

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I created the Bloom Where You Are Planted (BWYAP) blog to share my story and support women/parents who are struggling with pregnancy loss. Please know that you are not alone, I understand because I have been there too. You can expect to read about anything, starting from ways to cope when trying to conceive to encouraging prayers or 10 ways to prep for your next Thanksgiving meal. Join me on life’s journey, lets share and learn from each other so together we can bloom.

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A Prayer for Angel Babies

God, I pray for all baby angels that never got to live with their mothers, fathers, or friends and family here on earth. Please let these angels fulfill their purpose and help us, the ones mourning accept their sweet goodbyes.

I pray that baby angels do not suffer while on earth, in the womb, but be given all the love they deserve from their mommies, daddies, siblings or anyone excited for their arrival. I pray that baby angels know they will not be forgotten but remembered as their footprints will forever be stamped in our healing hearts. The memories of the love shared in the belly will be present with every passing breadth, until we meet again.

Let your light shine on the departure of our heavenly babies that have blessed the hearts of so many. Remind all parents to pray for their little angel(s) and trust that you are caring for each and every pure little soul.

Lord, I pray that all baby angels rest in peace with you in heaven.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


ABOUT ONLINE PRAYER BOX I believe prayer and action work hand in hand. Prayer sets the intention and action performs the miracle. Please share your prayers below in the comments and support all parents who have experienced pregnancy loss.

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