• Clara Aguilar

A Prayer for Fathers Who Experienced a Stillbirth


I pray for fathers who will and have experienced having a stillborn baby (ies). Their hearts are broken, lives will never be the same but help them see the beauty in your gift. He experienced the precious miracle of life and will always be a father to his heavenly baby (ies). Their memory will stay alive with him forever.

Lord, shine a light on those dark days when all he can do is cry and mourn the loss of his baby. Console him, during the sleepless nights. Rock him to sleep in your loving arms and help him wake feeling hopeful. Slowly, help him regain the strength in who he has become and his new journey.

Lord, help fathers navigate this unknown journey with his partner. Remind him, he can lean on you God, his partner when he feels, he can no longer carry on. Only you can give him strength, wisdom and love to persevere. Open his heart and mind to know, only you can help mend a broken spirit. Remind him that his baby had a purpose to fulfill while on earth and touched the lives of so many. Let him trust in your plans and know his baby (they) adore him.

Help his family become a wall of support to lift his spirit, when he cannot comprehend this new world he must live in, broken down by grief. Lord, please send him earthly angels, that will give him messages of hope and encouragement. Remind him Lord that we all have a struggle, but we mustn't give up. Although, his baby was stillborn, they are still loved by you, our heavenly Father and a family that mourns a baby loss.

Help him, help others through this experience and become that beacon of light others so desperately need in the same situation. Help him persevere in his life journey, give him strength to hold onto to his faith in you. Remove all fears from his heart and fill any emptiness with hope for future rainbow babies, that will be part of his family too.

Jesus, please help all the medical professionals who must also support families and parents on their journey to parenthood. Help them be kind and compassionate to the grief a mother, a father who was just told their baby has no heartbeat.

Lord, I thank you for listening to my prayers and helping me write this prayer for those fathers who need your help in these moments of mourning.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


ABOUT ONLINE PRAYER BOX I believe prayer and action work hand in hand. Prayer sets the intention and action performs the miracle. Please pray this prayer for fathers who experienced having a stillbirth baby. Please share your prayers below in the comments.

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