• Clara Aguilar

A Prayer for Men and Miscarriages

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

God, I pray for all those fathers who will and have gone through the experience of a miscarriage or early pregnancy loss.

Help them accept what is and securely hold onto their faith in order to overcome their loss. Although their minds may question, why?, have feelings of hopelessness or fear of trying again, keep them securely under your wing, knowing this isn’t it.

Remind them you are by their side in this time of sorrow. As the season change, let them trust that this time shall pass too. Heal their hearts from the pain of losing their little ones(s).

Give them strength, courage to carry on and know another blessing is just around the corner. Remove any fears from their heart and fill any emptiness with hope. Give them strength to preserver.

Send angels to surround them, their partners, and families with your love and light.

God, bless all the people in the hospitals, therapist, counselors or other medical professionals that help men through this loss. Give them a kind heart to sympathize and strength to support parents affected by miscarriages.

Shine a light on all those little babies who passed, let them rest in peace with you in heaven.

Help us stay strong in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


ABOUT ONLINE PRAYER BOX I believe prayer and action work hand in hand. Prayer sets the intention and action performs the miracle. Please share your prayers below in the comments and support all parents who have dealt with loss.

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