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CREATING: Bloom Where You Are Planted

My Journey revealed this blog idea after Sofia. Sofia is the baby daughter Rafael (my hubby) and Ioss at 5 months pregnant, who passed away right after birth. Since then, I have never been the same. I call the experience becoming SOFILESS. Although, at times my sadness only let me feel loss, eventually I could see what I had gained too. I gained perseverance, increased hope and faith that this was part of my journey and the knowing that I would become of a mother someday. I prayed. I prayed a lot. By praying, I found this part of me. By praying, I was given the idea to start the Bloom Where You Are Planted (BWYAP) blog.

I thank my Sofia, even if for a brief moment I held her in my arms, her purpose was fulfilled. She made me realize life is too short to not do and be who you really are because in the end that is all that matters. Her death brought a sort of rebirth in me, a new me, a better me, that has a desire to connect with people on a more intimate level through my writing. I decided by starting this blog, I will bloom where I am planted.

My hopes for this blog is to share my story about the struggles of having a baby, how I cope and keep hope alive in my heart. I hope my words can be therapeutic, inspiring and healing to all women who are in my shoes. Please know that you are not alone, I understand because I have been there too.

Shine Brightly,


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