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Updated: Jan 4, 2019


I want to share my story with readers of Bloom Where You Are Planted (BWYAP) so you can understand where I am coming from in creating this blog. I believe in understanding someone’s history a personal connection can be made since we have all similar experiences of happiness, fear, loneliness, love, and the list of life experiences attached are endless. I want to share my story because I believe the reflection of another’s story can comfort, like drinking hot coffee in your favorite mug (see my favorite mug below) on a snowy winter night. It can shine a light of hope that you are not alone and we can get through this thing called life.

My story, here I go...

Birth & Family

I was born in the 80s which gave me an incredible taste for music, I must say :). I came to this world with a twin, which I thank God everyday for. I also have many sisters and a brother. It's like God knew I needed an army of siblings to make it in my life (high five God! I love all my siblings). I was a happy child until that crazy time when my parents decided to separate. From then on life became a whirlwind of good and bad times. I was raised by my mami Blanca, who did the best she could to get us ahead. My father was around and he did his best too. My teens were especially difficult because we moved a lot but I persevered.

College & Marriage

Then college, I was very proud of my accomplishment, my sister and I were the first in our family to get a college degree. In the same year I graduate, I got married the first time to my hubby Rafael. (surpriseee :), to family reading this that did not know). We got married a second time in 2008.

Career & Purpose

I entered the workforce, like many 21 year olds with not a clue of who or what I wanted to do. Well, I had a good theory. I got a business degree in Marketing, so this would be my career path until the end of time. Right?!?! Unfortunately or fortunately I was wrong. A cubicle, long hours, and water cooler chitchat were not for me. So I quit, 1 year in and decided I wanted a career path where I could help people. I went to work in the non-for profit sector helping people with special needs. Although this job really gave me personal fulfillment, it did not pay the bills. I had bills, I lived in Long Island,NY. I gained experience working for a few non-for profit agencies and then decided maybe I should give Marketing another go. I desperately needed a salary increase and a new position in a different company could be promising. So off I went to bigger and better Marketing things to do, soon did I realize I was right the first time. I knew in my soul I did not belong in cubicle, I needed to find a way to help others but I had no clue how or what I would do. Answers to these questions were important before I made another life move, especially because I was now in my 30s. I thought by now I would have figured it out but I was barely scratching the surface. This realization did not happen over night, I was stuck in a cubicle doing Marketing stuff for 4 more years. It took a very special time in my life (which you will read about below) to make me realize life is too short to not do what I was destined for. One of my goals with BWYAP is to help others get through difficult times in their lives by listening and providing content that can inspires perseverance and hope. Especially women and parents who are struggling with pregnancy or pregnancy loss. I want to help others weather the storm to get to the beautiful rainbow just on the others side. I want you to Bloom Where You Are Planted.

Why read Bloom Where You Are Planted?

Some of you maybe thinking, “oh yea, how can a stranger help me?”. Well, I don’t want to be a stranger, I will do my best to let you know who I am and my experiences, then let you decide. I can’t help people, who don’t want help but I can support those who do. In doing so, I would like you to know a little more about me.

A Little More About Me

I am a blogger/writer with big dreams and ideas to share to bring a little more happiness into this world.

My idea of a good time, usually involves coffee, wine and good company (in no particular order).

I believe unicorns are a thing and just love leopard or cheetah print on lots of things.

My favorite color is pink, more like fuschia.

I enjoy cleaning and organizing stuff, when I want too.

I have been told I’m a little bit of a control freak (especially by my lil sis Jenny :)).

I am a good listener.

Eating cupcakes is always a good idea to me.

My favorite food is anything with avocados (i heart avocados).


I have experienced two miscarriages, one in 2012 and 2016. These moments have shaped me to become what I am today. I didn’t realize it then but I know it now. I will share more about these experiences in an upcoming post in January 2019.

God & Praying

Praying, I pray for everything because I believe there is a God. I believe praying sets the intention and actions performs the miracle. I believe in angels, which help when we call on them. I don't consider myself religious but I do believe in God. God has guided me, removed my fears and made me unstuck in life.

Infant Loss, Life Changing Moment & Bloom Where You Are Planted Blog

I was STUCK for a long time, putting my souls mission on the back burner but now I have broken through. I am not gonna say its been easy but definitely life changing thru my experiences in 2018. The primary experience was becoming SOFILESS on March 6th 2018. Sofia was my 5 month old daughter who passed away at birth, hence SOFILESS. Phewww..big breathe in and out. I can’t believe I can write this now without so much as my eyes welding up. I am happy to be healing from this. I hope you can understand how you cannot go thru an experience like this and not be changed by it. Changed in a good way I must say. I am happily married to the man of my dreams Rafael. He is my superhero, who I believe should secretly wear a cape but that’s just my opinion. When we lost Sofia it changed us as a couple too but for the better. I believe it made us stronger and connected us. I must say, although at times my sadness only let me feel loss, eventually I could see what I gained too. I gained perseverance, increased hope and faith that this was part of my journey and eventually I would become of a mother. I prayed a lot. In praying, I found this part of me. By praying, I was given the idea to start the Bloom Where You Are Planted blog.

Thanks for listening.

Shine Brightly,


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