• Clara Aguilar

Prayer for a New Year full of blessings

God, I pray this new year is full of blessings for everyone. Help people open their eyes and be grateful for the life they live. Help those who are struggling with addictions, guilt, greed, pride, anger, or anything else seek your mercy and forgiveness. Let these chains be broken and lead them into 2019 with a new, freer self. A self that is kind, forgiving, and motivated to seek your help at all times.

Help those people that need to forgive and accept forgiveness. No matter, how harsh the world has been, soften their hearts to see the light of redemption, perseverance and strength. Let them hold onto your words of hope, courage and love to bring them into 2019 with a shield, a heavenly shield that cannot be broken. Make all those who are broken, whole again. Make all those who sad or in despair, give them peace.

Bless our lives with loving people, miracle moments, the strength to persevere with kids, family and friends. Let the new year bring new hope, new love, new moments to spread kindness and love with ourselves and others.

Fill the lives of everyone in 2019 with blessings of food on their table, steady work, good health, family, and friends.

Lord, I thank you for listening to my prayers and helping me write this prayer for those who need to hear this message.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


ABOUT ONLINE PRAYER BOX I believe prayer and action work hand in hand. Prayer sets the intention and action performs the miracle. Please share your prayers below in the comments.

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